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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What material are your 3D printed parts made of?
    We print with PLA filament. PLA is a plastic material that is used for everything from prototyping product models to hobbyist level products. This is a durable plastic with high mechanical strength.
  • Are there temperature restrictions for using/displaying my items?
    PLA plastic has a softening point of 110 degrees fahrenheit. It is recommended that items be used or displayed indoors or utilized outdoors in temperatures less than 100 degrees. Please be mindful of traveling with items as summer parked car temperatures can exceed the softening point limit.
  • Can I paint my 3D printed items?
    Yes. It is recommended to utilize a primer base and then apply the finish top coat.
  • Are you products safe for children?
    We recommend items be enjoyed by those ages 12 years and above. The kits and micro miners have small parts which can be be a choking hazard. Additionally, while 3D printed items are durable, they are not designed for rough play.
  • Are RC Full Conversions RTR (ready to run)?
    Yes, our full conversions arrive ready to run. You will only need two AA batteries for the controller.
  • How difficult is it to install a conversion kit?
    Dragline Kits - Beginner/Intermediate Level - It is recommended for those who have some previous experience in RC equipment and model building. The conversion takes approximately 2-3 hours. Shovel Kits - Intermediate/Expert Level - It is recommended for those who have solid understanding of RC equipment and model building. The conversion takes approximately 3-4 hours.
  • What tools are required for installing a Conversion Kit?
    The tools required to install a conversion kit are a small philips screwdriver, drill, drill bits, exacto knife, needle nose pliers, metric allen wrench, crescent wrench and super glue.
  • Are the RC functions converted?
    No. The controls are the stock controls from the Huina crane. The controls are on/off, they are not proportional.
  • What can I dig with my converted RC equipment?
    These conversions work best in loose material such as crumb rubber, kitty litter, potting soil, sand, screened dirt, etc. It is not recommended for digging compacted dirt.
  • How much do you charge for 3D Printing services?
    Pricing for 3D printing is based upon the cost of the material used and print time ($15/hour). Upon review of your STL file, we can quote your material cost and print time. Print orders have a $75 minimum.
  • I have an idea for an item/product. Can you design and/or 3D print a prototype?
    We can bring your idea to life by using your detailed specifications to create a CAD and/or print file. Already have a print file? We can print your prototype or small batch of samples.
  • How much do you charge for custom design services?
    Each idea that comes across our desk is very different. Pricing is based upon the complexity of the part and is billed on an hourly basis. To quote a price, we gather more details about your request and quote an estimate based on that information. We do include a range within the estimate, with a minimum and maximum price for the initial design.
  • Do you sell your STL files?
    I do not share or sell my personal STL files.
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